5 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

During the warmer months, it’s quite tempting to crank up the AC or even plant yourself in front of the nearest fan. While this might seem fun, you’d not want to see the electricity bill afterwards. However, these are not the only ways to keep cool when the weather is hot. That said, this article will be aimed at discussing the various tricks that you can use to keep your home cool. These steps will ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently without breaking your bank. Best of all, cutting down on the AC usage doesn’t not only save your money but also it helps in saving Mother Earth. So, let’s get to it.

How to Keep Your Home Cool During the Warmer Months?

1.   Prevent the House from Overheating

When you are trying to minimize the usage of the air conditioner, the most important thing to do is to ensure you keep excess heat out of your house. In most cases, this heat could come from outdoors through the walls and windows. Or in some other instances, the heat could be as a result of running appliances in the house or cooking. That said, here are a few things that you can do to keep your house from overheating.
  • Avoid using the oven. When you use the oven, it tends to heat your kitchen and the heat quickly spreads to the rest of the house. You can avoid all this excess heat by using a slow cooker or a microwave.
  • Keep the curtains closed. Shinning sunlight through the windows only raises the room temperature by at least 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, keeping your curtains or window shades closed during the day will keep your house a lot cooler. You can then open the windows and let the cool air in when the sun is down in the evening.
  •  Use a special reflective film. The problem with keeping the curtains closed all the time, you block out the view and the light along with the heat. That is why you need a reflective film that will help you filter out up to 60% of the sun and still be able to see through.
  • Consider cooler lighting sources. If you are using incandescent bulbs in your house, that’s probably the reason why there’s more heat than light. That said, you should consider replacing these bulbs with either LED or CFL bulbs. Also, the fact that they use less electricity they will help you save so much money.

2. Use Whole House Fans

Most people perceive whole house fans as old fashioned, but the truth is they are gaining popularity in this new age. The idea behind how these fans work is simple but very effective. The fan draws cooler air in the morning and evening either through the windows and the doors forcing it up through the roof vents and attic. On the other hand, it sends hot air out hence keeping your house cooler. The best thing about using this fan is the fact that it helps in energy savings. It has less energy consumption as compared to an AC unit by at least 90%. Also, the installation process of this whole house fan is easy with basic household tools. The only disadvantage is that they can’t dehumidify and can make allergies worse in the house as they can draw dust and pollen from outside. This is a problem only if someone is allergic at your home.

3. Desert Coolers / Room Coolers

These are two different kinds of coolers, but they tend to work in the same way. With either a best desert cooler or room cooler, it will help to evaporate water that helps to cool the surroundings. The desert cooler is fitted at a window and takes in the air from outside. The fan in a desert cooler works more like an exhaust and this provides a better cooling effect in the house. However, if you are using a desert cooler you will need more space, power and water. The room cooler is less powerful as compared to the desert cooler. This type of cooler is kept inside the house and can be moved around from one room to the other using a trolley. If you are dealing with serious heat issues in your location, a desert cooler will do a better job in keeping your house cool. But if the room is small and the temperatures are not such a big deal, a room cooler will be enough. When using an air cooler, make sure to keep a few windows open for cross ventilation. This ensures that the humidity level inside the room remains comfortable.

4. Split Air Conditioners

Split air conditioners are the most popular type of air conditioners. Most people refer to them as ductless ACs. That is because they are like a hybrid of window air conditioners and a central air unit. The system works in a way such that a condenser unit will sit outside and is then connect to the inside evaporator that is normally mounted on either the ceiling or the walls. The best thing about these split air conditioners is that they have silent operations. The fact that it sits outside, it doesn’t let in any noise. Also, the fact that it has a small size, it can easily be mounted anywhere in the house. However, you need to be ready to cater to the cost of professional installation. If you want to purchase a split air conditioner for your home, then make sure to check this article to choose from the best AC in India for current year.

5. Window Air Conditioners

If you live in a climate where it gets hot during the day but a lot cooler at night, opening the windows should be enough to cool the house. However, if you need fast and reliable results, you can consider using a window air conditioner. All you have to do is install the window AC unit at your windows. And since they have very easy installation procedures this is something you can do yourself. The one thing you’ll love about these window air conditioners is that they are easy to maintain and cost much less that a split air conditioner. Also, they eco-friendlier as compared to the whole house central units. That is because instead of focusing on cooling the entire house, which tends to be wasteful, they help to spot-cool a specific room.