How to Buy Best Air Conditioner for Home?

Shopping for an AC for your home or office? If yes, then you must be pondering as to what features make an air conditioner unit the best AC? In this post we will discuss about the feature that are essential for any AC to be called a Quality Air Conditioner!

  1. Brand: When you are out to purchase a best air conditioner, then brand authority has to be on top of your list. Select the Top 3 or top 5 brands in air conditioners and then look for better options among them only. So, what are the best AC brands? I personally consider the following to be the great brands: O’General, LG, Daikin, Hitachi, and Panasonic
  2. Trend: The trend keeps changing, as of now, windows AC are totally out of fashion. So, we are left with the option of Cassette AC and Split ACs. Portable air conditioners are another choice, but they are not very popular yet.
  3. Durability: When it comes to durability, you have to make sure that the AC comes with 100% copper condenser, coated with an epoxy coating. Avoid aluminum air conditioners as they corrode and suffer from gas/refrigerant leakage. This is especially true in coastal areas or if you have house close to any water body like the river, or even an open sewer.
  4. Technology: For a Quality and Best AC, its essential to have the best and latest features. Today, its a norm to have a WiFi enabled air conditioner with Inverter compressor, and quality air filters.
  5. Serviceability: This aspect of making the purchase must not be ignored, as in the long term, any appliance will need service support. If a company does not provide service in your area, then there is no point in considering to purchase that brand. You can check service center availability of brand’s website or by calling them on there customer support number. Some companies claim to be able to send a technician at your home even when they don’t have a company service center in your city. Such companies usually have poor after sales service.

So, you know what to look for in a quality air conditioner. So, go ahead and search for the AC that meets your requirements. Happy Shopping!